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Regents algebra 2013

"S" indicates fewer than five students are in that group and the results have been suppressed to protect the privacy of individual students.

SchoolScoring below 55Scoring 55-64Scoring 65-84Scoring 85-100
Accompsett Middle School0%0%2%98%
Albert G Prodell Middle School0%0%17%83%
Alverta B Gray Schultz Middle School2%7%79%12%
Amityville Memorial High School29%21%50%0%
Baldwin Middle School0%0%59%41%
Baldwin Senior High School11%15%68%6%
Bay Shore Middle School0%0%26%74%
Beach Street Middle School0%0%56%44%
Bellport Middle School0%0%22%78%
Brentwood High School18%23%57%1%
Brewster High School4%3%75%18%
Bridgehampton School10%30%50%10%
Candlewood Middle School0%0%6%94%
Carle Place Middle Senior High School5%6%41%48%
Center Moriches High School14%19%65%3%
Center Moriches Middle School0%0%17%83%
Centereach High School18%33%48%1%
Commack High School0%2%72%26%
Commack Middle School0%0%3%97%
Comsewogue High School11%9%62%18%
Copiague Middle School0%0%75%25%
Dawnwood Middle School6%11%63%20%
Deer Park High School3%11%79%6%
East Hampton High School8%15%70%8%
East Hampton Middle School0%0%9%91%
East Islip High School4%9%57%31%
East Islip Middle School0%0%4%96%
East Meadow High School1%3%75%21%
East Middle School0%0%21%79%
East Northport Middle School0%0%3%97%
Eastport-South Manor Junior Senior High School3%6%68%23%
Edmund W Miles Middle School10%20%70%0%
Elwood Middle School0%0%6%94%
Farmingdale Senior High School7%6%70%16%
Fishers Island School0%0%67%33%
Freeport High School15%23%61%1%
Freshman Center7%20%72%2%
Garden City Middle School0%0%15%85%
George W Hewlett High School7%8%64%21%
Glen Cove High School8%9%74%8%
Great Hollow Middle School0%0%17%83%
Great Neck North Middle School0%0%2%98%
Great Neck South High School1%4%52%43%
Great Neck South Middle School0%0%2%98%
Greenport High School2%9%78%12%
H B Mattlin Middle School0%0%5%95%
H B Thompson Middle School1%2%43%55%
Half Hollow Hills High School East2%3%58%37%
Half Hollow Hills High School West5%8%76%10%
Hampton Bays Middle School0%0%4%96%
Harborfields High School0%3%57%41%
Hauppauge High School5%7%72%16%
Hauppauge Middle School0%0%6%94%
Hempstead High School23%23%52%2%
Henry H Wells Middle School0%0%4%96%
Herricks High School4%5%76%15%
Herricks Middle School0%0%16%84%
Hicksville High School16%22%59%4%
Hicksville Middle School17%21%60%2%
Howard T Herber Middle School0%0%53%47%
Huntington High School10%16%60%14%
Island Trees High School2%8%80%10%
Island Trees Middle School0%0%23%77%
Islip High School6%8%79%8%
Islip Middle School2%6%61%31%
J Watson Bailey Middle School0%0%29%71%
James Wilson Young Middle School0%0%26%74%
Jericho Middle School0%0%9%91%
Jericho Senior High School0%0%33%67%
John F Kennedy High School1%2%62%35%
John F Kennedy Middle School - Bethpage2%0%2%96%
John F Kennedy Middle School - Bethpage0%0%17%83%
John F Kennedy Middle School - Port Jefferson0%0%17%83%
John F Kennedy Middle School - Port Jefferson2%0%2%96%
John W Dodd Middle School0%1%64%35%
Jonas E Salk Middle School0%0%17%83%
Kings Park High School6%7%65%23%
Kingston High School15%25%57%3%
Lawrence Middle School0%0%11%89%
Lawrence Road Middle School0%0%76%24%
Lindenhurst Middle School0%0%31%69%
Lindenhurst Senior High School10%9%74%8%
Little Flower School55%27%18%0%
Locust Valley High School3%3%84%11%
Long Beach Middle School0%0%48%52%
Longwood High School5%12%79%4%
Longwood Junior High School0%0%32%68%
Lynbrook North Middle School0%0%3%98%
Lynbrook South Middle School0%0%41%59%
M Clifford Miller Middle School0%0%71%29%
Manhasset Middle School0%0%1%99%
Massapequa High School7%14%76%3%
Miller Place High School13%19%64%4%
Milton L Olive Middle School0%0%100%0%
Mineola High School6%6%67%21%
Mount Sinai High School1%1%62%36%
Mount Sinai Middle School0%0%5%95%
Nesaquake Middle School0%0%20%80%
Newfield High School12%26%60%2%
North Babylon High School12%18%64%7%
North Middle School0%0%44%56%
North Shore Middle School1%3%43%54%
Northport Middle School0%0%3%97%
Oldfield Middle School0%0%6%94%
Oregon Middle School0%0%66%34%
Oyster Bay High School3%2%65%31%
Paul J Gelinas Junior High School0%0%33%67%
Plainedge Middle School1%1%58%39%
Port Jefferson Middle School0%0%18%82%
Riverhead Middle School0%0%37%63%
Robert Frost Middle School0%0%59%41%
Robert M Finley Middle School0%0%2%98%
Robert Moses Middle School0%0%4%96%
Rocky Point High School6%14%73%7%
Rocky Point Middle School0%0%27%73%
Ronkonkoma Middle School0%0%45%55%
Roosevelt Senior High School28%27%44%1%
Roosevelt Senior High School29%32%38%1%
Roslyn High School4%5%34%57%
Roslyn Middle School0%0%22%78%
Sachem High School East4%5%75%16%
Sachem High School North5%7%71%17%
Sagamore Middle School0%0%5%95%
Samoset Middle School0%0%11%89%
Saxton Middle School0%0%56%44%
Sayville High School0%1%90%9%
Sayville Middle School0%0%36%64%
Seaford Middle School0%0%13%88%
Selden Middle School1%3%74%22%
Seneca Middle School0%0%3%97%
Sequoya Middle School0%0%12%88%
Sewanhaka High School5%8%71%16%
Shelter Island School4%9%78%9%
Shoreham-Wading River High School5%5%72%18%
South Middle School0%0%58%42%
South Middle School0%0%58%42%
South Ocean Middle School0%0%53%47%
South Side High School5%23%70%2%
South Side Middle School3%4%48%45%
South Woods Middle School0%0%35%65%
Southampton High School10%15%69%6%
Southampton Intermediate School0%0%28%72%
Springs School0%0%18%82%
Turtle Hook Middle School0%0%67%33%
Udall Road Middle School1%7%73%19%
Valley Stream Central High School6%16%76%3%
Valley Stream Memorial Junior High School2%5%65%28%
Village Schoolssss
Walt Whitman High School9%16%70%6%
Wantagh Middle School0%0%3%97%
Ward Melville Senior High School2%32%61%5%
Warwick Valley High School5%7%67%21%
Warwick Valley Middle School0%0%4%96%
West Babylon Junior High School0%0%5%95%
West Babylon Senior High School9%12%72%7%
West Hempstead High School8%13%73%6%
West Hempstead Middle School0%0%7%93%
West Hollow Middle School0%0%1%99%
West Islip Senior High School11%18%69%3%
West Middle School0%0%20%80%
Westbury High School17%19%63%1%
Westbury Middle School0%0%81%19%
Wheatley School1%2%46%52%
William Floyd High School26%34%39%1%
William Floyd Middle School9%15%64%12%
William Paca Middle School5%8%68%19%
William T Rogers Middle School0%0%5%95%
Wisdom Lane Middle School0%0%15%85%
Woodland Middle School0%0%18%82%
Woodmere Middle School0%0%5%95%
Wyandanch Memorial High School23%32%45%0%